Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Egypt and the cross cultural arrestفيها حاجه حلوة - مصر

Egypt and the Cross-Cultural Arrest

Egypt is one of the very few deep and rich civilizations of this world. About 5,000 years ago, a remarkable way of life, or civilization, grew up along the banks of the Nile River in Egypt. It flourished for over 3,000 years, longer than most other civilizations in the world's history. An exquisite location that lies between Africa, the Middle-East(Arab world) and Europe.
Egyptian history begins around 3300 BC. It was the time when the pharaoh, King Menes, created Egypt by uniting the two parts of Egypt, also known as Upper and Lower Egypt, into a single kingdom. Then a series of occupants ruled Egypt from the Ptolemaic Dynasty, passing through the Roman Period, Byzantine Period, Islamic Period and reaching the French and British occupations.
What a rich “Acculturation” Egypt went through which made the Egypt of today. But this mix – in order to be a mix- it should have multiple components. And in order to safely state that Egypt has been through a positive, productive cross–cultural interaction it has to have its own culture which proactively interacts with a new foreign culture. Egypt had this unique culture; a unique set of values, beliefs, behaviors and norms that kept inducing and absorbing back and forth from the different cultures it came in contact with.
But what now? What is happening now in the current globalization wave? Where does Egypt stand from the cross-cultural viewpoint? What new is it offering besides the pharonic wonderous monuments and the grand ancestors achievements? What new and valuable is our Egyptian culture presenting to the world? What values are we contributing to the universal global value system? What beliefs are we projecting? What norms do we support as Egyptians?
Answering these questions is a bit challenging, at least for myself. Where I stand I can strongly detect we are in a clearly sad cross-cultural arrest. I don’t know anymore what “Egyptian” stands for!.I don’t know if we are real religious people or seeming to be. I don’t know if we are hard workers or acting to be. I don’t know if we are knowledgeable and proud with our Egyptian identity or not any more or may be indifferent. I don’t know If we are an open-minded society or a conservative one. Egyptians have lost their “cross -cultural competencies” and reached a state of “Cultural Alienation”.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

There i go:-)

I've always felt that i was in search of a bigger goal. But it only hit me hard when a month after attending a life-coaching training with life coaching egypt.

And it became crystal clear for me...

My life purpose is to initiate, develop and excel in Marketing Values(ethical, societal..etc) which after a couple of years from now may become exactly like a product with no demand...there might be a want but not the will/ability to use the product...when that happens i will be ready to package the VALUE communicate the value and help derlivering the value in most people's lives.

Market:Egypt and the Arab world...then the whole world.

Segment: youth and future parents

What is keeping me?!!!

Acquiring the proper basic knowledge and wisdom (currently in process)...also currently in process too: doing the proper analysis of the status quo and some forcasting that would help me intricately plan my strategic vision.

I am writing this statement with my full sanity. Allah elmosta3an isa (pleeding for God's support)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

10 things about Nehal - by my nephew sunsun

I just couldn't help myself when i found it. I was cleaning and organizing my room and i found an old notebook with alot of drawings and writings mostly by my elder nephew hassan and i just couldnt stop smiling flipping through it.

What i would like to share here is a piece of paper divided into two columns +Ve and -Ve and titled "nehal"by his own 5- year old hand-writing

-ve: She lost the key ( i am so clumsy-True) i am sure only bec he is so young and pure he couldnt spot my other negatives ( they are alot i got to confess)

+Ve (see why a child likes a person- it is so much simpler than the world of grow-ups:))))(written exactly as found)

Shes so kind-

She kiss me

She is Funny

She plays with us

She let me ride in her car and

she go with me to the beach

and she gets me fereska

and she walk with me

For them it is just that complicated:D i mean that straighforward clear vision of why he loves and how he sees the good things in others

For me this is worth much more than finding a 1,000,000 pounds under the bed:)

Friday, March 6, 2009

MY Egypt

The streets littered with active Egyptians of all ages, classes, and backgrounds. As different as they are they have one thing in common..the smile.
The policemen everywhere are full of dignity you look at them and feel safe and secure and march even stronger and happier toward your destination.

The homes at 9 o’clock are empty and everyone is either in the kindergartens, schools shaping their creative minds and inspirational ethical souls, mums and dads are working intelligently and productively and 6 o’clock all gather around a table eating, chatting , laughing, sharing and planning their next weekend together.

I see husbands and wives in love not only in marriage and keep working on their relationship as hard as they work on their kids, friendships and careers.

The Schools are void of tough, fat meaningless curricula and full of fun creative activities and one initiative per week done by the all school students.

The friends meet in each other houses during weekdays for a cup of tea and bonding, watching a movie together and becoming true friends to one another.

I see 40,000,000 creative potentials and the national problem is to think how to deploy them in a series of national projects.

I see all Egyptians put their charity money in one big saving account and all charity projects are funded by it. No beggers on the streets
All Egyptians are given proper health care and no one is needy or ignored or denied the right of respectable treatment.

I see that people are free to express their selves in whichever way they choose. No censorship but their own sense and consciousness however they never offend they … criticize and all do in within an unseen border of respecting others and self respect.

I see many strong political parties and all competing to make Egypt number 1 country in the world in science, industry and education.

I see muslims praying in mosques and Christians in churches and their love and respect to their respective religions is mainly surfaced and evident in how ethical and moral they are.

I see that yearly we have an Egyptian nominated for a nobel prize, international music awards, Oscars, best world’s artists.

I see the songs, movies, and TV series positive, creative, developing and generating ideas for people, officials, and even scientists.

I see everyone working with one image in their minds and hearts: GOD and the belief that everything that goes around comes around. So everyone is working persistently and ethically.

I see most Egyptians tolerant, loving and caring creating a positive energy circle that gives everyone a push of hope and a sense of solidarity and a feel of the “we are all in it together”.

Real , surreal, absurd, ludicrous, probability, futuristic…. Are some of the adjectives that could be used to depict this piece of imagination inspired by an innate desire and dream. Tick your pick. Not so soon. Please take your time. Bec. your simple tick will actually determin how YOUR egypt will be.

Till the next dream, Stay in peace.

Monday, February 16, 2009

خلى عيينك فى وسط راسك ...فا ايه؟

خلى عينيكى فى وسط راسك ...فا ايه؟ -

الاسبوع اللى فات ده اتقالتلى من اكتر من حد فى مواقف مختلفة و انا كان ردى كل مرة "ان شاء الله"من غير ما فكر ... بعدين قلت لنفسى يعنى ايه اخلى عينيا فى وسط راسى؟؟

التعبيرده زى ما كلنا عارفين بيستخدم لما حد يحب يخليك- اكثر حذرا

بس يعنى ايه برضه اخلى عينيا فى وسط راسى؟

م انا مش حاشوف الجناب كده و لا حاشوف يمينى و لا شمالى

ناهيكوا عن الشكل العجيب اللى حاكون فيه عينتينى الاتنين فوق مناخيرى تحت الجبهة مباشرة.. يا ستاااار

مش شايفة اى اضافة لانتباهى و درجة حذرى بل هى انتكاسة

انا اللى شاغلنى اول واحد طلع التعبير .. عايزة بحاول افهم الفكرة جاتله ازاى؟

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Differently alike, or similarly different?!!!!!

Sob7an ALLAH- What a real Marvel GOD is and is manifested in HIS creations.

All humanbeings, trillions all over the world:have heads, hair, legs, hands, feet , hearts, brains etc. Yet every single one is unique, it has its own special DNA. Has its own special way of thinking, behaving..etc. WOW~!!!
What does this tell us...?? the way i read it... we should appreciate the difference that comes in a friendly, common, much similar format. Because lets imagine if every difference or variation whether:bahavioral, intellectual, physical manifested itself in a different format, it would be a real horror. I differ in opinion and vision with you nails grow and my ears lengthen,and my teeth projects!! If you go to see the Asians as small twisted looking crocodiles, the africans as black monkeys, the westerns as white snail-like creatures...and this would be a way to recognize who is coming from where!!!!! That would be one hell of a jurrasic life.

So people have the same format that encompasses a wide range of difference. Or maybe it will be better stated if we say that they are different with a wide range of similarity...oh!!not better. Well the point is: we are differently alike..or may be similarly different...ahhhh...i give up.